Great Traits of a Great Team - Part 6

Here's a final trait that makes for an effective team. Great teams do life together. Great teams are communities where team members know each other deeply, serve each other willingly, and care for one another genuinely. On a team like this, each one realizes they are not alone; someone has their back.

Here are some principles of a life-giving community. Read each one carefully, slowly, reflectively. As you read, think about your team, the team you lead. See how well it measures up. See if you are creating these team dynamics.


l Give others what they don't deserve. It's called GRACE.

l Trust and value each other.

l Express gratitude and appreciation freely.

l Allow others to be themselves.

l Find ways to serve each other.

l Empower others to complete a responsibility.

l Make building community an ongoing priority, not an after-thought.

l Never stop looking for ways to do life together.

When you get down to it, great leaders lead great teams. Leaders alone don't make anything great. Leadership is a shared responsibility. The leader needs team members, and team members need the leader.

A closing thought. . . .

AT THE CORE OF EVERY THRIVING ENTERPRISE (ministry, athletic, business, political, educational, family oriented, military, etc.) IS A UNIFIED LEADERSHIP TEAM THAT LOVES