“Going through the workshop, I just didn't want to stop!"
“I plan to share these principles with my wife in an effort to help her understand what is involved (including cost) in my desire to be a servant leader."


“I wish the entire board would have participated!"
“Because of the workshop, I hope to be more of a willing servant, not just a servant!"
“As a result of the workshop, I will serve my team sacrificially with enthusiasm!"
“You have some great quotes. The workshop was very well organized."
“The workshop was very insightful and God has used it me make me aware of my own deficeiencies. 
"… a very rewarding, practical study!"
“I now understand that the authority to lead comes as a direct result of serving those that I'm attempting to lead." 
“Greatness is determined by always moving down. We are moving down because we are lifting others up."
"… a very rewarding, practical study!"
“The workshop was a good mix of lecture and discussion, information and interaction."
“I want my wife to feel she is the most important and wonderful person in the world."