It is the heart of Living Grace Ministries to provide quality workshop experiences to help your church develop leaders who are servants first. We are here to serve the needs of your church.

Pastors and church staff are in a unique position of leadership. Like Jesus, His leaders come “not to be served, but to serve.” Sometimes the idea of authentic Christian leadership may seem like little more than a dream goal—especially for smaller churches with little budget to invest in staff development. Living Grace Ministries provides the assistance you need for your smaller church (300 members or less) as your leaders seek to serve the congregation. The workshop is for the pastor and others on staff or in volunteer positions responsible for the leading and governing of the church body.

Join Dr. Fred Campbell, Dallas area pastor of growing churches for 40 years and president of Living Grace Ministries, as he explores the leadership style of Jesus Christ. He has a special heart for important, smaller churches of the world. His unique, engaging, and experiential teaching style will help guide your church leaders as you study the life and ministry of Jesus Christ focusing on the leadership techniques our Lord modeled while on earth. This training is sure to impact your church leaders, helping them to be effective leaders in your church and community.