Thank you for your interest in the Living Grace Ministries Resource page. We are pleased to provide you with resources to supplement your study in Servant Leadership,  We recommend that you invite Fred Campbell to personally lead a servant leadership workshop in your church and invite other church leaders. Then you can review what you learned using these materials, and even teach others.

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The teaching notes are similar to the material Fred Campbell uses in a servant leadership workshop. Feel free to use your own illustrations, examples, anecdotes, stories, etc., but do not alter the material in any way.


The workshop manual is identical to the one used in the workshop. The underlined words in the Power Point slides are the words for filling in the blanks. At the end of each session, there are projects to work on either individually or as a group. The last chapter is a 7-day follow up to the workshop. We highly encourage you to take the time to work on the follow-up for 7 consecutive days. It will help you reflect on key points from each session.


The Power Point slides are the ones Fred Campbell uses in the workshop.