An Unbending Walk with God

John Maxwell, a noted writer on leadership, writes, “Your gifts and skills might get you to the top, but only your character will keep you there.”

That's why Daniel's bio intrigues us. His character was flawless when he was at the top of the ladder and at the bottom of the lion's den. He went in with integrity and came out with it in tact.

Daniel had a superb work ethic, both in his attitude and performance. He did his work well because he saw it well. The two always go together. Also, Daniel had a blameless character. His peers did their best to dig up dirt to discredit Daniel in the king's eyes. Didn’t work. The guy was squeaky clean---morally upright, honest, above reproach, trustworthy. THAT'S INTEGRITY. Remember CHARACTER ALWAYS COUNTS.

The peer group didn't back down. Not this bunch. Daniel 6: 5 reads that the only way the mob might find any basis for charges against Daniel was in something tied to “the law of his God.” The “dirt team” appealed to the king's ego and manipulated him to sign an irrevocable law, ordering the people to pray only to the king for 30 days. If they didn't, they would be the evening meal for lions.

Daniel wasn't deterred by the new law. It was his daily practice to pray three times in front of a window facing Jerusalem. Even a death threat couldn't stop him. For Daniel, it was a no-brainer. Maybe he reasoned, “I'll pray, why shouldn't I? Always have, always will. If I die, I die. Gotta go out some way.”

That underscores a third mark of Daniel’s integrity--AN UNBENDING WALK WITH GOD.

How's your walk with the Lord? Do you have one? Are you consistent? What distracts you? Too busy? Have you ever thought that if you're too busy for God, you're too busy?

Do you worship regularly or is it hit and miss? When you worship, do you really worship, connecting your heart with God's heart or is your worship perfunctory, routine, boring?

Beyond Sunday worship, do you allow personal time for God to speak to you through His dynamic Word?

Do you pray? Is it because you have to or because you can’t live without it?


Servant leadership and a walk with God go hand-in-hand.